Witches Cures

My name is Ty and my friends and I are solving a mystery of the Missing Witch of Halloween Night.Every night the haunted witch comes from the graveyard.My friends and I have nick names Li’l Byrd ,Clayton Maddog,Tyson Tdog,My nick name is Bulldog.We were walking in the graveyard and the witch’s stone was  missing so we went to search for the stone.We found the stone.We put it in the hole .The witch came to life and attacked us.We ran all the way to downtown.We had to figure out a plain to destroy the stone to kill the witch.Clayton was the one to break the stone.He broke the stone so we went back to to finishing trick or treating.

Life in 5th Grade

Life in 5th Grade is pretty good  math  you you do a lot of  multiplication  and decimals. Then switch to reading you play computers a lot science  is fun to you go outside and sketch a lot.At lunch you can sit were ever  you want.I hope you have a good 5th grade.